Thursday, July 5, 2012

The Quest for Employment

Ok, I know I haven't posted in a long time. I've been busy with job hunting, helping my bf move and other craziness.  So, here's what's been happening in my little neurotic world:

Ok, so after I left my crappy job I had at a call centre (yes, I worked in one for a brief burp in my life) I began my quest. Actually, I was looking while I was working at the call centre. I had an interview with a salon that sounded great. It was right up my alley in terms of what I was looking for in a salon. They did mobile hair services for weddings, proms, birthday parties, stagettes, etc.  I also had the opportunity to work in the salon when not out on a gig. They also do fashion shows, TV work, photo shoots for local media. The owner seemed pleased with me and emailed me that night asking my availability, informing me of the products used & what I would need. Everything seemed to be falling into place. I emailed her back with when I was available to start. Then, weeks went by without hearing back from her. I emailed her both my mobile & home phone numbers to get in contact with me.  When I finally got a response, she again said she would be needing me in the next little while, as prom/wedding season was in full swing. I told her that would be great, that I was ready at any time. I still haven't heard back from her, so my quest continues.

Another salon I saw have an advertisement online that I responded to, never got back to me. I remember over a year ago they wanted me for an interview, but I was already working at a salon. A couple of months ago I saw they posted an ad again, so I responded, attached my resume. I didn't hear back from them so I kept them in the back of my mind. I still saw that they were still looking, so, on the day I had my interview at the above salon, I dropped off a resume personally.  I still heard nothing from this salon. They were still posting ads online, so, I emailed them, told them I responded to their ads, dropped off a resume and I never heard back from them at all. Two days ago, the owner called and scheduled me for an interview for tomorrow afternoon. Finally, something has come about.

I've been updating my profile on LinkedIn and today, after reading some postings in one of their groups, found out about a networking website for hairstylists and salon professionals. So I am in the process of adding all my deets to it and trying to add contacts that I know of in the industry.

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